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Specializing in Remodeling and Renovating Medical Centres, Pharmacies and Dentals Offices

At Northstone

We are experienced and fully prepared for all of your upcoming renovation projects, no matter how large.

We specialize in large scale upgrading and re-development services for our clients that include all of the following and all provided in-house to our clients.

When we are on-site doing any work for our clients, we are committed to protecting our client’s facilities and schedule work to plan for minimal operational disruptions while underway.

Northstone Services

Specializing in Remodeling and Renovating Medical Centres, Pharmacies and Dentals Offices.

Remodeling and Renovations

Starting from the ground up, Northstone can:

  • Service the grounds
  • Acquire all city permits and documents to proceed
  • Build to spec. from approved blueprints for new structures, extensions and additions to your existing spaces
  • Finish the exterior and interiors to your specific high standards


Starting from your existing space, Northstone can:

  • Design your renovations to your standards
  • Acquire all city permits and documents to proceed
  • Demolish
  • Refit all of the interiors spaces
  • Finish the work leaving you a beautiful brand new space to be proud of
Maintenance and

Keeping your investment at the peak of its value requires consistent effort to maintain and make necessary repairs.

Northstone is prepared to be your partner in this journey. 

Whether it’s exterior roofing, masonry, driveways, walkways OR interiors including all electrical, plumbing, lighting, flooring in large and small areas and all interior design work to support these updates.


At Northstone, our in-house electrical engineers are fully licensed and insured ready to assist you in maintaining and upgrading your existing electrical apparatus, systems and features.  Additionally, we are ready to maintain your electrical industrial services and to upgrade them as needed and install brand new services as you build new or add-on to your current structures.


At Northstone, our in-house plumbing team is fully licensed and insured ready to assist you in maintaining and upgrading your existing water supply, water heating tanks and boilers and your sewage drain lines in your residential, commercial and industrial facilities.  Our work allows you to comply with up to date codes and required safety features to be compliant with your insurance handler at all times.

Inter-locking Stone Walkways and Driveways

Exterior work on driveways, sidewalks, walkways are all necessary over time with some areas only needing minor patches and others eventually needing replacement.

Northstone has the in-house expertise to design and update all of these areas whether you are wanting

  • Inter-locking stone
  • Other in-laid surfaces.
  • Concrete
  • Ashphalt

There is no greater satisfaction for home and business owners that to walk in the front door and be amazed by the beautiful floors that greet you. 

 Northstone has the in-house design and installation team as well as the maintenance team to keep your high end marble, granite, hardwood, broadloom and other flooring materials looking their best and lasting a long time.


Whether you are using Concrete or Asphalt, Northstone Construction has the experience, the heavy and lighter duty equipment and the expert teams to create beautiful new driveways and walkways for your commercial and/or residential properties.

Northstone will assess the areas including allowing for drainage, prepare the plans, remove existing concrete, asphalt or stone, lay down new gravel to level the areas and then install the new driveways and walkways as needed, remove the forms and clean up when complete.

Quality, honest service and great value.

Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness of your investment.